This week is a compilation of interviews taken at Canadian World Championship Trials. From Michigan, I speak to Team Canada Members Hassaan Abdel Khalik and Canadian Champion & NCAA Medalist, Richard Funk. From Georgia, I speak with friend of #coachmikepodcast Brittany MacLean. Finally, I speak to Zack Chetrat of TSC/UofT. Zack appeared on this podcast back in October - speaking to my club about what he learned from missing the 2012 Olympic Team. Zack had full redemption this season by out-touching David Sharpe, the man who out-touched him in 2012 Olympic Trials, and posting a best time in the process.

Please check out my blog post with my analysis of the 2013 World Championship TrialsAs always, you should check out my blog and follow me on Twitter(@coachmikeswim). Check out my archived past episodes as well.

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