In this episode, I announce my new social media project through Google+: The Canadian Swim Coaching Community. My idea here is to provide a social network dedicated to allowing Canadian Coaches to network and share opinions, information and ideas. Although this is an effort to get Canadian Swim Coaches connected, coaches from anywhere and any sport are welcome.

More importantly, I explore Swimming Canada's decision to place Major Games Trials right after NCAAs. Many of our best youth athletes (the ones that made Canada's Junior World Team place 2nd 2 years ago) are now swimming at NCAAs. Brittany MacLean & Sinead Russell (2 of Canada's only Olympic Finalists) are competing this weekend and they're expected to make the World team in 2 weeks. The USA and Britain both have their trials much later in the season. Are we making a mistake?

My round table includes Tom Rushton of the Montreal Training Centre, Don Burton of the University of Guelph, Dave Ling of TSC and Sean Baker of OAK. The point here is to bring the issue to light and to solicit opinions and ideas. Please feel free to login with Facebook and comment below... but be aware that anything you send to me may be read on the air.

As always, you should check out my blog and follow me on Twitter (@coachmikeswim). Check out my archived past episodes as well.

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